The Riviera Nayarit

Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills Resort & Spa is 25 minutes by car from the international Puerto Vallarta airport (PVR), Riviera Nayarit is Mexico’s newest beach destination with 200 miles of pristine pacific coastline dotted with dozens of seaside coastal towns and pueblos boasting lush rugged mountain peaks, nature sanctuaries, golden sand, palm-fringed beaches, and luxurious resorts.

Riviera Nayarit Mexico provides a backdrop of intense skies, emerald mountains, abundant vegetation and endless beautiful golden beaches for an unforgettable Mexico vacation experience.

The Riviera Nayarit is marked by a predominately sub-humid climate and an annual average temperature of 25°C (77°F). Ninety percent of the year is met with bright rays of sunshine, creating the ideal environment for the growth of exuberant flora that take on intense colorful hues and beautifully paint the land.

Sirenis Hotels & Resorts is excited to announce the opening Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills Resort & Spa, The Grand Opening of this all-inclusive, family friendly complex will take place Dec 16, 2015.

Abel Matutes Barceló, Corporate Vice President and Commercial Director has stated “We are very pleased with the addition of Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills Resort & Spa Riviera Nayarit, to the Sirenis Hotels & Resorts family. The incorporation of this property allows us to provide our customers with another destination option where they can experience the same standards of excellence that they have come to expect from Sirenis Hotels & Resorts. We believe the Riviera Nayarit region substantially reflects the cultural and natural appeal of Mexico’s tourism industry, especially for customers in the North and Central American market.”

Nestled in the hills bordering the Bahia de Banderas Bay in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, the resort has a breathtaking panoramic view of both the Sierra Madre mountain range and the Riviera Nayarit coastline. Guests of Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills have access to daily shuttles that run every half hour to the hotel’s private Eva Mandarina Beach Club where they can relax on one of the many lounge chairs and enjoy a full array of cocktails, beverages, and Mexican cuisine.

Guests will find comfort and tranquility in the hotel’s spacious luxury suites. The property boasts a large infinity pool that looks out to the ocean, a whirlpool hot tub, and a full gym and wellness area located alongside the resort spa. The Makawé Spa recreates the soothing tranquility of the rainforest, offering complete relaxation within six quiet Asian-style indoor and outdoor treatment areas, as well as a Zen-inspired steam room and plunge pool.

Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills has a variety of dining options including a full buffet, open all day for breakfast lunch, dinner, and late night snacks, as well as unlimited nightly dinners at the à la carte restaurants that the whole family will love. Other featured all- inclusive amenities include free WIFI, 24 hour room service, Domestic and International premium drinks, fully stocked in minibar and in-room safe, pool and beach towel service, a kids club, and a number of organized classes, and activities.







About Sirenis Hotels & Resorts

Sirenis Hotels & Resorts is an international, family-run company with more than 45 years of experience in the hotel business. The company has resorts in Riviera Maya, Mexico, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and six hotels on the island of Ibiza in Spain, where the company is based. The hotels cater to all guests, from honeymooners to children and young adults alike, due to their stunning tropical settings and proximity to many nearby attractions. With lively swimming pools, multiple à la carte restaurants and luxury spa, guests can relax and enjoy their vacation at any of their beachfront, picturesque locations.

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We are honoured to receive the recognition as one of the best places to work in Mexico.

Once again, we have to thank lots of people, especially our amazing staff as they all strive to offer a great service so that you are able to enjoy a wonderful, relaxing holiday in any of our Sirenis Hotels & Resorts.

Great Place to Work has found that employees believe they work for great companies when they consistently trust the people they work for, take pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with.

Throughout history Sirenis Hotels & Resorts have demonstrated the ability to respond effectively and timely to the needs of the tourism market, standing as a leader in the area of tourist developments around the world.

Selection of hosts

Great Place to Work base their selection process to identify experience, applying common criteria for all positions, such as: Human quality, respect, love of work, dedication, responsibility, excellent service attitude and expectation of development.

Any and all of these criteria are in addition to our job profiles, we help ensure that the person you choose will be adequate in their work position, so the company contributes to their professional and personal growth. Care philosophy and company values are aligned with those of the person to be hired and achieve compliance goals.

In Grand Sirenis we have created the slogan “Familia Sirenis” (Sirenis Family) as everyone is treated as if they are our own family..


Sirenis Hotels & Resorts is committed to protecting the environment.

Climate change is impacting the environment in ways that affect populations and productive activities, as well as ecosystems and natural resources. Analyzing its implications and trends is an obligation for human development planning, for our productive activities, our engagement in environmentally friendly practices like linen and towel re-use, recycling and composting, solar panel, etc.

These seem like really good tips to follow while on vacation,

  • Use biodegradable reef-friendly sunscreen
  • Don’t forget to turn off air conditioner / heater when you are not using it.
  • Never leave lights on when you are not in the room.
  • Lower the thermostat when you leave the room for long periods of time.
  • If your destination is a warm climate then close the drapes. This will keep the room cooler.
  • Leave unopened shampoo, soap, and other items in the hotel unless you are taking it home to use.
  • Avoid room service and carry-out which increase waste.
  • Use water sparingly. In some places this is a very scarce resource.
  • Never buy items made from endangered species.
  • Walk or use public transportation.
  • Grab only the maps and brochures that you will actually use. If in a large group, share brochures whenever possible.
  • Take pictures and leave the location as you found it. Never remove wildlife from its natural environment including shells, flowers and coral.
  • Avoid destroying vegetation.
  • Buy locally produced produce in order to reduce the pollution required to import goods.
  • A great tip is to remember to act in a hotel like you would at home – avoid getting clean towels when not necessary, don’t have long showers and something frequently forgotten is to turn off TV, lights and air conditioner when you leave the room. Often, housekeeping will swap out your towels even if you follow the “towel on the floor means exchange” rule.

Pack light

  • Every kilo counts when flying. The more a plane weighs the more carbon emissions it produces. Pack only what you need – the environment will thank you.
  • Let reception know if you see a water leak anywhere.
  • Collect your rubbish when on the beach or out and about
  • Don’t  throw lit cigarettes out of the car window – during  the summer it’s very easy to cause a fire

Thank you for generous support; with your contribution you give a voice to the environment.

Together we make a difference! 



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Playa den Bossa as the ideal location for your accommodation!

Playa_Den_bossa_01imprimir-4 Sirenis_Hotel_Tres_Carabelas_Spa_Playa_den_Bossa_Beach



Explore some of the traditional countryside of this beautiful island that few people take the time to enjoy.


When it comes to choosing a place to stay on Ibiza, Sirenis Hotel Goleta & Sirenis Hotel Tres Carabelas & Spa all-inclusive (Playa den Bossa) are the type of holiday experience you are after.




IMG_3988 IMG_3372




Our Sirenis Vital Spa has a sauna, Roman bath, jet showers and relaxation area, plus massages, therapies and treatments.






If you stay here, you are also very close to Ibiza Town, which is around 15-minutes away. The old town is steeped in quaint charm and exploring its cobbled streets makes for a nice change from the sand.


Sirenis-hotel-goleta-spa-general-view (5)

In addition to incredible tastes and smells, there is a strong visual aspect to the festivals. A snake charmer is seen leading a small parade through the different stands at the glee and fright of small children everywhere.

335 verano 2014 ibiza 023


Activities around the area:

Water-skis, pedalos, windsurfing, banana boats – when it comes to watersports, the beach here has really got it…

Ibiza is an island with many options to do. It’s predominantly known as the clubbing capital of southern Europe, and nightlife is easy to find, but that’s not all there is to this beautiful Balearic. The island is lined with resorts, each with its own charm and character, making it incredibly easy to find a place that suits you. So whether you’re looking for some lively evenings, quiet days, or vice versa there’s a resort for you the Sirenis Hotel Goleta & Spa or Sirenis Tres Carabelas & Spa ( Playa d’en Bossa).

Those looking to spend a few nights cutting shapes at the famous sunset in San Antonio Bay will love it there especially, and during the peak season you can expect holidaymakers from all over Europe to be in town for some fun in the sun.


Sirenis Hotel Goleta & Spa, Sirenis Hotel Tres Carabelas & Spa Ibiza are waiting…

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SPA (4 Elements)

Enter a world of relaxation, rejuvenation and extraordinary comfort. The Grand Sirenis Spa blends together 44,000 sq. ft. of unadulterated enchantment with unrivalled facilities that have been designed to provide peace and tranquility.

Whether you are staying for the day, take a little time for you and luxuriate in an environment that has been designed to help you relax and escape the complications of the modern world; the therapeutic and enriching qualities will leave you with a remarkable sense of well-being and our team of accomplished therapists will deliver therapies and treatments designed to be both enhancing and effective but most importantly, they will make you feel fabulous.

There are more than 50 exquisite treatments designed using natural elements and soft colored lighting.

Spending a day at the Spa Grand Sirenis offers so many benefits that if you don’t already have reasons to pamper yourself, you will after learning what a spa day can do for you.

_CDP1769chica spa piedras






Mayan Dinner

The unique Mayan Experience at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya & Spa.

Emerge yourself into the trails of Grand Sirenis to discover how the jungle and Mayan combine.

Step into a world of exciting Mayan performance and traditional music.We invite you to witness this Spectacular event, that includes a thematic tour.

With the Mayan Dinner experience you will discover  our gastronomic offer wich is based on foods and drinks that represent the tradition and flavors of the Mayan cuisine; we incorporate techniques and ingredients with an innovative vision of the renowned Mayan cuisine.

We invite you to visit Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya to discover the identity and joy of México through their history.

Come and enjoy a magic night!





Lobster Dinner

There’s nothing like a meal with a magnificent view

If you’re looking for very romantic ambiance and savor an exquisite the Lobster Dinner at the beach with the most spectacular view facing the Mayan ruin

In Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya not only can you get to stay in amazing place with gorgeous views, but diners are also spoilt with a diverse array of delicious options to choose from.

Sometimes, the views get so mesmerizing that tasting takes on elevated levels of pleasure.

Especially when it’s set in the middle of the beach, alongside the beautiful Mayan ruin.

Don’t miss the opportunity to do something truly memorable! Choose from among four unique Paths.

Designed with a healthy lifestyle in mind as there are walking paths.

Sand dunes
The vegetation in this ecosystem is very specialised as it has to withstand adverse conditions such as intense sun, sandy bed and continuous salty sea breezes.

Coastal Scrubland
The coastal scrubland has vegetation characteristic to the region where the hotel is situated.  The Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya borders the sandy and rocky beaches and there are up to 22 different plant species.

The wetland ecosystem comprises plants well adapted to high humidity conditions, and some even grow in submerged areas.

The jungle which we may observe in this area includes various types of trees of varying sizes, in addition to prepared plants which, once they reach the appropriate size, are moved to their final destination.

The ornamental plants are those which are not typical to the region and are cultivated purely for decorative purposes.

Ld6dgmejDJKaCI4RzWqZq1xDnvkh9buKtt1iVpuCQxo 10561804_662662443803000_3481252971898872262_n 10507029_666280253441219_6299165520859104443_o _P5XmTKgMCevkl4W9DzFUSVoOxOX_JFgG0eUl1AUcJg







After a day of snorkeling or relaxing at the spa, guests are able to enjoy this excursion without the hassle of traveling to another location.

Set along the eastern shores of Riviera Maya, the dolphinarium is a saltwater lagoon with breathtaking panoramic ocean views. As a member of Alliance of Marine Mammals Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA), Dolphin Discovery adheres to the highest standard of training and care of marine mammals with an in-house vet stationed at each location to ensure the well-being of the animals.

This seafront setting is home to four of them – Charly, Athos, Gigio and Porthos – that are part of a successful breeding program call Miracle. The program is responsible for fifty percent of the dolphin population and a reason why the company is considered a leader in preservation of the species.

For more details, or get a first look at the experience here.

Dolphin Discovery Group is a Company with history, great responsibility, respect and ecological conscience, it began in 1994 with the dream of creating a unique interactive program with dolphins that would allow guests to get closer to this magnificent marine mammals.

DIA_4986-1 DIA_4995






Lazy River 

Lay back and relax! Float effortlessly down the lazy river that winds throughout property. Soak up some sun and let all your worries drift away!

Feel and experience at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya where you can enjoy swimming with your family and friends in Lazy River, a 900 meters long pool complete with current.

Kids of all ages can have fun while enjoying the long, relaxing trip of the Lazy River.
DSC_1077Lazy River


El mes de mayo es un mes ideal para visitar Ibiza (la isla blanca). Después de la tranquilidad invernal, la isla se abre y desborda de luz y color. El aire puro y transparente, el cielo azul, el campo verde y el sol que brilla más que nunca. Las temperaturas suelen ser muy agradables en Mayo y los baños en el mar son de lo más estimulantes.

¿Qué hacer en Ibiza en Mayo?

En Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, hemos preparado una lista de sugerencias y recomendaciones para que disfrutes de todas las opciones que la isla te ofrece en el mes de Mayo:


Fiestas Primer Domingo de Mayo, en Santa Eulalia, 3 de mayo de 2015.

Un desfile de coches y motos antiguas se pasea por el centro del pueblo, lo más espectacular sea el desfile de carros transportando mujeres y hombres vestidos con trajes típicos ibicencos (payeses).

Feria Medieval en Dalt Vila, casco antiguo de la ciudad. Del 7 al 10 de mayo 2015.

Ibiza se cita con la historia. La ciudad y el casco antiguo de Dalt Vila volverán  acoger con gran éxito la Feria ibiza-medieval1  Medieval



Descubre las calas de Ibiza, llenas de encanto.shutterstock_95445532



Visita Es Vedrá

Es Vedra

Es Vedrá, una montaña en el mar, un buen lugar para ver la caída del sol y el islote, convertido en símbolo de la isla.


En San Antonio es una referencia inevitable de atardeceres imprescindibles, en uno de los lugares de Ibiza en los que empezó esta asociación íntima entre la música y la caída del



Visitar el mercadillo hippy de Las Dalias. Sábados de 10 a 20 hrs.


Las Dalias es uno de los sitios más atractivos para tomarse algo por la zona. Buen ambiente, buena música, puedes comprar alguna artesanía, y tomar algún cóctel  exóticos, aunque también hay cerveza o cualquier otro tipo de bebida.

Visitar el mercadillo hippy de Punta Arabí.
Con más de treinta años de existencia, el mercadillo de Es Canar continúa ejerciendo de esencia de la Ibiza hippy.Todos los miércoles de 10 a 18 hrs.


Escapada a Formentera para disfrutar de la tranquilad de sus playas en mayo..Illetes---Miquel-Mas-Mas

Playas de fina arena y con baños de mar en aguas azul turquesa.


Saborea la gastronomía ibicenca, un delicioso “Bullit de peix” (guisado de pescado) o una paella en algún restaurante típico

con vistas al mar.

Hay muchos restaurantes donde poder degustarlos, nada es comparable a la elaboración casera y tradicional.


Si eres un apasionado de los deportes acuáticos Ibiza cumple tus deseos ya que es el lugar de moda de deportes como  elwindsurf, kitesurf , padel Windsurfingsurf, las motos de agua y mucho más.


Vístete de blanco, de moda Adlib. Encontrarás una variedad de tiendas de los  diseñadores ibicencos más importantes de la isla. Moda desenfadada, cómoda y sexy que representa el espíritu libre de adlib




Las aperturas de los sitios de moda con ambiente único de Ibiza y disfruta de un ambiente muy jovial y moderno en los exclusivos beach clubs de la isla.0301


It’s a great way to plan your Ibiza holiday and make sure you don’t miss out on any events.



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The month of May is a lovely time to visit Ibiza. After the tranquility of the winter, the island wakes up and is an explosion Isla de Ibizaof light and colours. Imagine fresh, clean air, blue skies, green countryside and brilliant sunshine… this time of year usually enjoys very pleasant temperatures, and an inviting clear blue sea for invigorating dips.

Things to do during May

At Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, we have prepared a list of suggestions and recommendations so that you may take advantage of all the island has to offer during the month of May:

1.-The First Sunday of May Fiesta in Santa Eulalia, held on the 3rd 1aMay 2015  a procession of cars and old motorbikes parades through the centre of the town, and traditional horse-drawn carts with men and women dressed up in the traditional ibicencan costumes (payeses).


2.-The Medieval Fair in the old town in Ibiza (Dalt Vila), from the ibiza-medieval17th  10th May 2015.  This fair is a huge success each year and the old quarter of the town transforms into a medieval scene.


3.-Discover the charming bays on the island.shutterstock_95445532



4.-Visit Es VedráEs Vedra

Es Vedrá, a landmark rock island, is a superb setting for sunsets with magnificent views.


San Antonio is a must to experience the spectacular sunsets, one of the first places to combine the sunsets with


5.-Las Dalias is one of the nicest places in the area to enjoy an exotic cocktail, cold beer or whatever you

like with a good atmosphere, good music and the chance to buy local craftwork.[

 Visit the Hippy Market at Punta Arabí.

In existence for more than 30 years, the market in Es Canar holds the essence of the hippy culture in Ibiza.


6.-Escape to Formentera and enjoy the tranquility of its beaches during the month of May…Illetes---Miquel-Mas-Mas

 Fine sandy beaches with turquoise clear sea.


7.-Savour the ibicencan gastronomy and try a delicious “Bullit de peix” (fish stew) or a paella in one of the traditional restaurants overlooking the sea.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, where the traditional dishes are lovingly home made.



8.-If you are a water sports lover, Ibiza will satisfy your every need as you’ll find wind surf, kite surf, paddle surf, jet skis and more.Windsurfing


9.-Dress in white, with the Adlib fashion. You will find a variety of shops offering fashion by the most famous ibicencan designers.  Casual, comfortable and sexy clothing representing the free spirit of adlib



10.-The openings of the fashionable spots on the island with the unique atmosphere of Ibiza and the chance to relax at the exclusive beach clubs.


Plan your holiday on Ibiza now to make sure you don’t miss out on any events.


Family Hotels :

Sirenis Cala Llonga Resort 3*

Sirenis Seaview Country Club 4*

Sirenis Hotel Club Aura 4*

Quiet Hotel near Santa Eulalia:

Sirenis Hotel Club Siesta 4*

Hotels in Playa d’en Bossa:

Sirenis Hotel  Goleta & Spa

Sirenis Hotel  Tres Carabelas & Spa


Ibiza, 29 de Enero de 2015

SGS ha realizado la auditoria del Sistema de Gestión calidad de Sirenis Hotels & Resorts conforme al estándar internacional ISO 9001

Peter Hividberg, Ricardo Muñoz, Catina Clapes, Agustí Ibáñez

El pasado miércoles 28 de enero, se entregó a Sirenis Hotels & Resorts la certificación conforme a la Norma Internacional ISO 9001, en un acto celebrado en el marco de la Feria Internacional de Turismo (FITUR) y en el que se contó, entre otros, con la presencia de Catina Clapés, Directora de Marketing Europa de Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, Ricardo Muñoz, Director Comercial Europa de la cadena y Rebeca Briones, Comercial Europa  y  por parte de SGS acudieron Peter Hividberg, Global Business Manager Hospitality & Travel y el Director de SGS Baleares, Agustí Ibáñez.

El alcance de la auditoría realizada por SGS engloba: “La prestación de servicios de alojamiento y restauración”  y abarca las oficinas centrales y cuatro hoteles de Sirenis Hotels & Resorts en Ibiza.


La Directora de Marketing de Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, Catina Clapés expresó que “nuestro objetivo es ofrecer un servicio con los más altos estándares de satisfacción de nuestros clientes, siendo respetuosos con el medio ambiente y con la convicción de la que responsabilidad social debe ser una actitud propia de la empresa. Con el sistema integral de gestión podemos alcanzar nuestros objetivos y lograr una mejora continua. Esta certificación ha sido posible gracias al trabajo y compromiso de todo el equipo de Sirenis Hotels & Resorts”.


Por su parte, el Global Business Manager Hospitality and Travel de SGS, Peter Hividberg, quiso destacar, el reconocimiento internacional de estos certificados, pues son adoptados por más de 1,5 millones de empresas por todo el mundo así como también resaltó que la prestación de servicios de calidad es un compromiso cada vez más demandado por los turistas que nos visitan.


El Director de SGS Baleares comentó que “este es el reconocimiento del esfuerzo de todos aquellos que lo hacen posible día a día y que han comprendido el compromiso con la mejora continua y con la calidad que la Norma Internacional ISO 9001 representa. Es justo reconocer la labor realizada por   todo el personal de los hoteles y servicios centrales de Sirenis Hotels & Resorts.”



SGS es Líder Mundial y pionero en Servicios de Inspección, Verificación, Ensayos y Certificación. Fundada en 1878, SGS está considerada como referente mundial en calidad e integridad. Con más de 80.000 empleados,SGS opera a través de su red de 1.650 oficinas y laboratorios por todo el mundo.

El núcleo de sus actividades lo constituyen los servicios de inspección y supervisión del comercio internacional de productos, minerales, petróleo y petroquímicos, equipos industriales y bienes de consumo. A lo largo de los años, SGS ha ampliado sus actividades hacia campos no dependientes del comercio, como son la certificación, la gestión industrial, el medio ambiente, etc.

Todos los servicios que SGS brinda, poseen dos rasgos importantes en común: ayudan a minimizar los riesgos y proporcionan evaluaciones, verificaciones y asesorías de carácter independiente.



Sirenis Hotels & Resorts es una cadena hotelera familiar e internacional, con sede en la isla de Ibiza (España), con más de 45 años de experiencia en hostelería. Sirenis Hotels & Resorts es una empresa dinámica y en evolución constante, con proyectos de expansión internacional en los principales destinos turísticos.

Sirenis Hotels & Resorts cuenta con una oferta de hoteles de calidad y de lujo situados en la isla de Ibiza (España), en Punta Cana (República Dominicana) y en la Riviera Maya (México), con un total de 3.723 habitaciones y 7.362 camas.

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